How to Draw Winnie The Pooh

Drawing Winnie the Pooh, step by step

Are you feeling a little blue? Then take a pencil and a piece of paper and draw a funny Bear named Winnie the Pooh with me. This should cheer you up for sure, as you can't help but smile at this charming cartoon character. Your drawing of Winnie the Pooh will definitely come out well if you draw in steps.

Step 1

Drawing Winnie the Pooh, step 1

To make it easy on yourself, you might want to draw a large Winnie the Pooh so that he takes up almost the entire sheet of paper. Start by drawing the biggest circle for the body in the center of your piece of paper and then add a little circle above it with a slight shift to the right. What remains is to draw two ovals for the bear's paws. Please note that they are slightly offset to the left. Double-check the proportions before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2

Drawing Winnie the Pooh, step 2

Using the method of initial contours in the form of circles of different sizes allows you to precisely draw Winnie the Pooh's legs, making them the right width and set in a right position. Refer to my drawing in this step and soon you'll see exactly what I am saying.

Step 3

Drawing Winnie the Pooh, step 3

Try replicating these simple lines shown in my figure in your own drawing and then erase all extra lines. As you work on the paws, keep in mind that Winnie the Pooh is sitting down. From now on, you can press a little more firmly on your pencil as you work on the belly and the head.

Step 4

Drawing Winnie the Pooh, step 4

Draw Pooh's ears and erase excess facial contours. Now you just need to add a nose and draw the shirt collar around the bear's neck.

Step 5

Drawing Winnie the Pooh, step 4

Drawing Pooh's face is not difficult but requires some practice. Pay attention and don't press too hard on your pencil at this step. After putting a smile on the beloved bear's face, you can go to the last step of the drawing.

Step 6

Drawing Winnie the Pooh, step 4

If you prefer to stick with #2 pencil, then shading in your drawing with soft strokes of pencil will give it a 3D effect. Still, Winnie the Pooh will look more fun if you color him in with colored pencils or crayons.
Now you know how to draw Winnie the Pooh.

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