How to Draw Winx (Flora)

How to draw Winx step by step

Winx is a popular cartoon character. Her outfits are very bright and high in contrast. Numerous clothing details may complicate the process of drawing a Winx. But it is relatively easy to draw a common distinctive feature of a Winx - her skinny figure with two long legs. Icy has one of the most impressive costumes, which can be colored in with pencils. First, let's learn the steps to drawing Flora from the Winx using #2 pencil. Make your drawing on a large piece of paper so it is easy to make out the numerous details of this drawing.

Step 1

How to draw Winx, step 1

The contours of a Winx's figure. Roughly outline a Winx's body: lines for shoulders, arms, and legs; then add a circle for the head. Use light strokes of pencil so that lines can be easily erased, if necessary.

Step 2

How to draw Winx, step 2

Draw the shape of the body. At this stage, draw the Winx's body shape sticking close to the main lines. Keep in mind this will be a thin tall girl with a very small waist. Further, outline her legs slightly bent at the knees and shoulders. Next, work on the hands. All the Winx girls wear shoes with high heels, so draw those shoes right away.

Step 3

How to draw Winx, step 3

Characters from the Winx girls have to be similar to people. Now, concentrate on adding detail to the Winx's body. Although girls from the Winx are fictitious and have distorted proportions, they must look similar to real people. Shoulders and other parts of the body must have realistic proportions. Only unusually long legs and wings differentiate the Winx from humans. At this point, draw more accurate lines over your initial outline including a dress and stockings.

Step 4

How to draw Winx, step 4

Decorative elements of drawing. Winx girls' clothing is typically embroidered with bows, winglets, fasteners, and quilling. Use as many of these elements in your drawing as you like. The outfit should definitely have line fasteners, buttons, and a bow of ribbons with a Rose Flower on the dress and long gloves on the Winx's hands.

Step 5

How to draw Winx, step 5

Draw the hair. Flora's hair is almost down to the floor, so it is easy to draw. Any hairstyle you fancy will do but make sure the hair looks wavy.

Step 6

How to draw Winx, step 6

Continue working on the hair. Hair is one of Flora's treasures, so give it most attention. Make the majority of lines wavy and some twisted inward.

Step 7

How to draw Winx, step 7

The main asset of the Winx - wings. Draw light wings behind the Winx's back. First, draw their basic shape. Then gradually add veins and tendons. The Winx's wings are very similar to the Honey Bee's wings - not very big and semi-transparent.

Step 8

How to draw Winx, step 8

Add color to your Winx drawing. Once you are done with the steps above and feel like you have an accurate image of the Winx character, you can make your winx drawing bright and colorful using pencils, markers, or watercolor.

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