Drawing a Vase

Drawing a Vase, step by step

Most vases have a simple design but their forms are usually very symmetrical. Be sure to use much precision and use your geometrical skills when drawing a vase. Add an attractive pattern on your vase's surface. You can come up with your own design for a vase, but only after this lesson. In this lesson we will learn how to draw a vase in # 2 pencil step by step.

Step 1

Drawing a Vase, step 1

Draw the outline of a vase. To begin, draw the major lines that will serve as the basis for the entire vase. As a point of reference, draw a line through the aperture and the vase's bearing. The lines at the opening of the vase's neck and in the middle are longer than the foundation line at the bottom of the vase.

Step 2

Drawing a Vase, step 2

The contour of the vase. Draw these lines with a ruler. These lines will help you draw the symmetrical shape of your vase and correct to draw rest of the details.

Step 3

Drawing a Vase, step 3

Work more on the outline of the vase. Using the initial tentative sketches, give your vase a more defined shape. Also, add an opening at the top of the vase's neck.

Step 4

Drawing a Vase, step 4

Pattern on the vase. Choose any pattern you like. The pattern here is of roses surrounded by leaves.

Step 5

Drawing a Vase, step 5

Connect the edges of the pattern. Notice the pattern must be a bit crude and not very distracting to the eye. The focus should be on the vase rather than the pattern.

Step 6

Drawing a Vase, step 6

Coloring your vase. Add color to the pattern and begin to shade in the vase. Add shade in places not exposed to light and inside the neck of the vase. You can put a Rose flower, a Tulip flower or another flowers into the vase.

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