How to Draw a Tree

Tree drawing step by step

A tree is a frequent object of drawings. After all, what kind of nature would it be without trees? But it's not as easy to draw a tree as it seems. It is best to draw a tree step by step in # 2 pencil. Tree branches are complex and therefore might be difficult to draw. They should be placed evenly along the tree trunk and stretch up to the Sun. The tree is best depicted in this picture, with the crown and the trunk in the correct shape. The easiest tree to draw is probably the Christmas Tree. It has a rather simple structure. We will make our job a little more challenging. In this lesson we will learn how to draw a tree with leaves in stages using # 2 pencil.

Step 1

Tree drawing, step 1

Do the markup of the tree trunk and branches. To begin, we need to create the framework for the trunk and the branches. Make the side branches stretch upwards from this line. Try to position the lines for branches at different distances from each other.

Step 2

Tree drawing, step 2

Draw smaller branches. Make numerous smaller branches stem from these bigger branches. However, do not draw too many of them at this point.

Step 3

Tree drawing, step 3

Draw the entire tree trunk. Following our preliminary framework, draw the contours of the trunk and the branches. To do this, draw two imperfect lines parallel to the main line. In nature, the bark of a tree trunk is rarely smooth.

Step 4

Tree drawing, step 4

In this step is to draw leaves within the outline of a tree crown. I think this step of drawing is very simple and you can draw the outline of the tree's crown without my comments.

Step 5

Tree drawing, step 5

Tree leaves. Drawing Leaves is the most difficult part of this drawing. First, they are small, and second, there are many of them and we have to more or less draw each individual leaf. To do this, we need to draw small ovals along the many smaller branches we drew earlier.

Step 6

Tree drawing, step 6

Add grass around the tree. After being done with the leaves, you can add a few details surrounding the tree. For example, you can draw grass around the tree and use strokes of watercolor to color in the bark and the branches of the tree.

Step 7

Tree drawing, step 7

You can also draw the simple House add sun, floating clouds, and mountains to the drawing. People or animals might be standing next to your tree. This will enliven your drawing and make the tree appear more realistic.

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