How to Draw Sports Car

Sports Car Drawing step by step

Sports cars usually have an attractive sleek design with super dynamic engineering. In this lesson we will learn the steps to drawing a sports car Lamborghini Aventador.

Step 1

Sports Car Drawing step 1

The sports car's body. First, you need to draw the outline of the sports car. To do this, draw a short line, which will serve as the boundary of the bumper. Put two small vertical bars at the end of the line. Then from the upper ends of these lines draw two slanted lines to the right. Try to recreate the slope from the drawing here. Connect the ends of these lines by another horizontal line. Add another one for glass right below this line. Then draw the touchline, with squares for wheels. Connect the roof to the side of the vehicle. Add the following line to the side window.

Step 2

Sports Car Drawing step 2

Hood and bumper. Now at the ends of the hood we will draw two convex arcs. Add two pentagon shapes on the bumper

Step 3

Sports Car Drawing step 3

Moving onto the lights. Now let's draw the lights of our sports car. Continue drawing in square notches for wheels; you want to paste the circles.

Step 4

Sports Car Drawing step 4

Draw lines on the sports car's body. At this point, we need to add some lines to our car to highlight its stiff body made of steel. Make a line down the middle of the hood and on its sides. Add a few details to the bumper.

Step 5

Sports Car Drawing step 5

Updating parts of the sports car. Now we need to draw the wheels of our sports car. Draw them as shown here. Use your eraser to remove the square notch made in the early stages to change it to an arch shape. Make the edges of the rectangular roof more round. Add glass. Draw a mirror.

Step 6

Sports Car Drawing step 6

Sports Car Drawing. Final step. Now give the sports car some color! Let's draw the rims of the car. You can design your own rim, for example, in form of the Star. Branch out the lines from the center of each wheel and color in the space between them. Place shade on the glass and space near the bumper and on the side of the vehicle. Add the badge on the hood. Add solid circles for headlights, two each. Sports car is drawn! If you like, you can now work on the road and the landscape.

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