How to Draw SpongeBob

How to Draw SpongeBob, step by step

In this section, let's try drawing SpongeBob! SpongeBob lives on the ocean floor in the town of Bikini Bottoms. He is made out of a regular sponge, so we need to depict his porous surface by drawing little holes throughout his body. Just imagine a common dishwashing sponge. SpongeBob's features are not human-like: aside from the square body shape, the arms are located too low and the legs are stick-thin, giving them a cartoonish quality to help portray the funny and kind spirit of this character.

Step 1

How to Draw SpongeBob, step 1

Draw a slightly bent square. If you prefer to draw SpongeBob in a standing position, you will need to draw a flat square. But in this case he is jumping up, which jolted his body backwards, thus shifting the contours of his square body.

Step 2

How to Draw SpongeBob, step 2

Now let's sketch the shape of this cartoon character's body, as shown in the drawing. Make your previous tentative lines wavy to convey irregular edges of a sponge. The lower part of his body remains to be outlined with straight lines as those are his pants.

Step 3

How to Draw SpongeBob, step 3

All we need to do now is to add most simple arms and legs to SpongeBob's body. Notice that his arms come out of his head rather than his clothing.

Step 4

How to Draw SpongeBob, step 4

When drawing legs and feet, feel free to leave the shows in a rough form, with no extra details, for they will be painted black in the end. You can usually draw this pretty quickly because of little complexity involved in this drawing.

Step 5

How to Draw SpongeBob, step 5

At this point, add eyes in shape of two circles, nose and mouth. Draw many little indentations that look like craters and cover SpongeBob's body, add a tie and a long tongue sticking out.

Step 6

How to Draw SpongeBob, step 6

You can also add socks and color the drawing with multi-colored pencils, markers or watercolor. This is an essential step in this drawing because the cartoon itself is bright and colorful. Make sure to use a special thick paper if you decide to use the watercolor.

Step 7

How to Draw SpongeBob, step 7

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