How to Draw a Sparrow

Sparrow Drawing, Step by Step

It only seems easy to draw a sparrow because we frequently see this bird outside or in the woods in any season. However, it is a rather difficult Bird to draw, especially a small one like a sparrow. However, if you try to draw a sparrow in pencil step by step, your sparrow drawing should come out looking very nice. The main thing is to get right the initial contours of your drawing.

Step 1

Sparrow Drawing, step 1

First of all, let's outline the bird's trunk in the form of tilted oval and then draw its head circle and a tail triangle.

Step 2

Sparrow Drawing, step 2

We now begin drawing the general contour of the sparrow's trunk. Focus on the basics at this point. Gradually draw a tail shaped like a hyphen, outline the feet, and add a circle for the head in such a way that it appears to stick out.

Step 3

Sparrow Drawing, step 3

Continue to define the shape of the trunk and the tail by applying firmer pencil strokes. After that, draw a dividing line for a wing and afterwards work on the contours of the feet. As you can see, it is possible to draw a realistic-looking sparrow if you stick to the step-by-step technique, but the truth is that your sparrow drawing will look even better when you erase excess lines from it.

Step 4

Sparrow Drawing, step 4

Let's spend some time on the bird's feet. Try not to get confused in all the initial pencil lines. If you are a beginner, it might help to refer to my drawing in order to recreate this part of the bird's body in your own drawing. Start drawing the sparrow's head in details including the eye and then draw the beak and the marking lines for future patterns on your bird's plumage.

Step 5

Sparrow Drawing, step 5

In a way, our step-by-step lesson of drawing of a sparrow has been completed at the previous stage. Now you only need to color in the bird's plumage. It's hard to recommend an exact pattern of a sparrow's plumage, so just try to copy my drawing.

Step 6

Sparrow Drawing, step 6

This step will help give your drawing a realistic perspective. Remember to add a tiny patch of light in the pupil of the sparrow's eye. Now your sparrow is looking at you! It is possible to paint a sparrow with watercolor or crayons but let's stick to #2 pencil for now in order to shade in the plumage. That being the case, the 5th and the 6th steps of this lesson are not required to you.

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