How to Draw a Snowflake

How to Draw a Snowflake, step by step

If you are going to draw a snowflake, you will a ruler in addition to paper and pencil because snowflakes come in geometric shapes. There is no single way to draw a snowflake because every snowflake is unique. Use your imagination and create your own pattern of snowflake. Then cut it out with scissors and use it for the Christmas Tree ornament or can stick it on glass your window. If your window is big, one snowflake won't be enough for such decoration. Therefore, after this lesson you'll be able to draw snowflakes of different shapes with little effort. At any stage of this drawing, remember not to press on the pencil too firmly because the contours of your snowflake must be barely noticeable. Now let's learn how to draw the simple snowflake step by step.

Step 1

How to Draw a Snowflake, step 1

Drawing a snowflake might seem like an easy task. In fact, if you align the arms of your snowflake symmetrically, the rest of work is a piece of cake. Just make sure to spend some time on the first step and your snowflake will come out looking beautiful.

Step 2

How to Draw a Snowflake, step 2

Draw a small circle in the middle of your sheet of paper. Now let's draw the main part of the crystal. Mark the apexes of the hexagon and connect them together. Duplicate the angles with short strokes of pencil (see my example).

Step 3

How to Draw a Snowflake, step 3

Connect the duplicated angles with the center of your snowflake. First set of snowflake arms should appear to be narrowed towards the center. Then draw the upper rays that look like sharp swords. Now you have a basic outline of your snowflake. From now on, the elements of its design are up to you!

Step 4

How to Draw a Snowflake, step 4

You can continue drawing relying on my example. However, you can also create your own design. Just remember to make your snowflake look symmetrical from any point. Then you'll get a beautiful snowflake. There's no need to make the design super complicated, especially if you want to cut out your final design. After all, complicated shapes are hard to cut out with scissors.

Step 5

How to Draw a Snowflake, step 5

Snowflakes are symmetrical in shape and usually have even number of "arms" or rays. So you can draw only one ray. Then just fold the paper into fourths or eighths and cut out the other rays using the contour of the initial ray. This way, you'll get a snowflake with four to eight rays. If you don't want to cut your drawing out, shade your snowflake with a pencil. The drawing look even more stunning if you do your shading in blue pencil.

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