How to Draw a Snail

How to draw a Snail step by step

Compared to other animals of the planet, the snail and the Turtle have a very unique shape. It can be difficult to draw the snail's shell, so let's draw a snail by step-by-step. Divide the imagined image into eight equal areas and and start to draw initial sketches of the snail.

Step 1

How to draw a Snail, step 1

First step is easy. You need to draw only an oval for the snail's body.

Step 2

How to draw a Snail, step 2

At this point you can see how the simple paths gradually transform into the snail. Draw circle for a snail's head and add two long tentacles.

Step 3

How to draw a Snail, step 3

It is easy to draw two short tentacles and add few simple lines for the shell of a snail.

Step 4

How to draw a Snail, step 4

Now is the time to erase some lines. Let's draw a snail's shell in detail. After that your drawing of a snail is almost complete!

Step 5

How to draw a Snail, step 5

At this point you have to draw the head, body and shell in more detail. It is a snap. Look at my drawing and do likewise, if necessary.

Step 6

How to draw a Snail, step 6

In this step you will work on the details of your snail drawing. Be sure to shade in your drawing. The shades will add volume and make the snail drawing more realistic.

Fun Snail Facts for Kids

Fun Snail Facts for Kids
Draw a Snail step by step and learn a few fun facts about Snails.
Did you know that a world's largest snail can grow up to 77.2 cm (30 inches) and weighs up to 18 kg (40lbs)?
A snail has only one foot and can slide over the sharp edge of a knife or razor blade without being hurt it.
Any snails cannot hear and have very bad eyesight but they have a very good sense of touch. Their sense of touch and smell helps them finding food.
Almost all of the ground snail are peaceful animals and mainly eat garden plants and vegetables.
But some marine species of snails can be predators. They have a tongue like a harpoon with a lethal poison on the edge. This way they can catch small fish, clams and other marine snails.
Young snails emerge from eggs that the snail lays in wet soil. Newly snails will begin to hatch after about 14 days and will grow for two years before becoming adults.
Because of their slimy skin snails are active only in wet weather. In other circumstances the snails retreat in your sink. In this state the snail can survive in hot and dry weather. Within a few months it can do without water and food.
Terrestrial snails are herbivorous and feed only on plants. There are cases when snails feed on damp paper and cardboard because they are made from plants.
Common snails have four tentacles at the front end. Two short tentacles are for feelings and sense of touch and two long are the eyes of snail.
The tongue of a garden snails has more than 10,000 teeth!.

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