Santa Claus Drawing

How to Draw Santa Claus, step by step

Around Christmas Eve, many kids start wondering how to draw Santa Claus. Knowing how to draw Santa Claus and his granddaughter named Snow Maiden might come in handy for creating your own Christmas card. Keep in mind that drawing the Person is not the easy because you must convey the correct body proportions and spend some time on the Face so as to make your drawing look refined. However, this particular holiday character should be easier to draw as Santa Claus has a long fluffy beard and is dressed in a long thick robe and a hat with pom-pom, so there is not too much detailed work. Let's try drawing Santa Claus using # 2 pencil, step by step.

Step 1

How to Draw Santa Claus, step 1

The initial sketch. As a first step to any drawing, an artist does a rough sketch or outline of it. Here you approximate and mark where major parts of your drawing are located and only after doing so you move on to the details. Let's take our time in this important step. Sketch the tentative contours of Santa's body in three parts: a circle for his head, a larger circle for his chest, and an outline of his coat.

Step 2

How to Draw Santa Claus, step 2

Sketching Santa Claus's arms. You have probably noticed that people in my initial sketches tend to look a little prehistoric. Don't focus on that right now and continue to follow my instructions on drawing now Santa's arms. You might want to draw balls of various sizes for the joints of arms and legs. This technique helps convey the correct proportions of the limbs. Pay close attention to the length of the lower arm and the placement of the elbow, which should be at the level of the Santa's waist.

Step 3

How to Draw Santa Claus, step 3

General outline of Santa Claus's clothing. Notice how much easier it is to draw Santa's coat with the "joint balls" in place. Make sure both arms are of the same width and have him hold a magic scepter in his right hand. At this point, you can add some more detail and use the eraser to remove any extra pencil sketches. Technically your drawing is almost done; all you have to do is draw his head and beard.

Step 4

How to Draw Santa Claus, step 4

Santa Claus's head and beard. Before you draw Santa's hat with a pom-pom, first approximate where the Eyes, Nose and mouth will be on his face. At this stage, it should be relatively simple to draw the beard and the remaining details.

Step 5

How to Draw Santa Claus, step 5

Santa Claus's face. Because most attention is drawn to Santa Claus's robe, it is not necessary to work out all the facial details in this drawing. However, you got to spend some time with his robe and scepter in order to make him look festive. Remember to draw felt boots peeking out from underneath the robe.

Step 6

How to Draw Santa Claus, step 6

Final stage of drawing Santa Claus. Your New Year's drawing of Santa Claus must be bright and colorful, so you can color it in using colored pencils or markers. If you have some experience with using watercolor, it would be ideal to draw this beloved holiday character on a large sheet of paper. If you decide to draw his granddaughter Snow Maiden next to him, make sure to leave sufficient amount of space on his side before you begin sketching.

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