How to Draw Human Eyes

How to draw realistic eyes, step by step

There are very beautiful Anime Eyes. The anime in your drawing can be a little bit exaggerated but very spectacular. The eyes should be very big with long lashes. Of course, you won't find such eyes in real world. But it is not necessary to have eyes like that because every person's eyes are beautiful in their own way. It might be challenging to draw eyes correctly. Try to make them look natural and realistic. Eyes are the most important part in every Human Face. So let's try to draw human eyes in pencil, step by step.

Step 1

How to draw realistic eyes, step 1

For the time being, let's draw only one eye in order to make the drawing process easier on you. Of course, if you feel more confident in drawing, you can draw the other eye as a mirror image. In order to do that, draw two contours instead of one (see my example). Keep in mind that the eyes must be identical but reflected in relation to one another. Otherwise you'll get slanting eyes and your drawing won't come out right.

Step 2

How to draw realistic eyes, step 2

For the moment, our lesson is similar to a geometry lesson. However, these geometric shapes will help you to draw the Eyes easy and correctly. Remember that the second contour is not a square but a rectangle. Also, horizontal lines are longer than the vertical ones.

Step 3

How to draw realistic eyes, step 3

Now you should draw basic outline of the eye and draw an oval in the middle of it. The oval will be the cornea of the eye. All of these things should be relatively easy to do, just mark precisely where the ends of the eye will be. If you situate the ends too far from each other, the eye will be narrow.

Step 4

How to draw realistic eyes, step 4

When you draw human eyes, it is important to do everything correctly and observe all the proportions. That's why we used geometric shapes. But now you should erase them. But before doing that, change the shape of the eye as shown in my picture. The left end of the eye must be at the level of the bottom of the cornea. The right end of the eye must be placed inside the contour at the level of the horizontal outline. Then connect the ends with a smooth line. Now you can erase all the guidelines. It's a difficult step, so pay attention to it.

Step 5

How to draw realistic eyes, step 5

Now you should draw the pupil inside the eye. Pupils shouldn't be too big. Human eyes don't have big pupils (under normal circumstances). Draw the upper lid above the eye and lacrimal caruncle in the left end of the eye. Now your drawing is almost ready. You should just draw lashes and shade in your drawing with pencil.

Step 6

How to draw realistic eyes, step 6

Add some lashes (not too long) in order to finish drawing the eye. Lashes can have a big impact on your drawing, so don't overdo it. Then shade some parts of the eyelid as I show in my picture.

Step 7

How to draw realistic eyes, step 7

Line the contour of the eye and the iris. Then just paint the iris using color pencils. Now you should be able to draw human eyes correctly.

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