How to Draw a Rabbit

How to draw Rabbit step by step

Learn how to draw a rabbit, step by step, in the following lesson. At first glance at most drawings of hopping or running rabbits, it may seem simple to draw. However, you may find that it is not easy to draw realistic bunnies and other animals correctly even in # 2 pencil. In any animal illustration, the goal is to maintain accurate proportions and transmit the animal's character.

Step 1

How to draw Rabbit, step 1

Before you draw the Bunny. First, draw a vertical long line. Then draw two intersecting circles, one below the other, and an oval underneath them. Then draw a big oval at an angle. Circles can be drawn using coins, but drawing ovals might be a harder task. You can use any items suitable in form, but you don't need to draw perfect shapes at this stage.

Step 2

How to draw Rabbit, step 2

Draw the ears and paws of the rabbit. This rabbit's ears stick up straight and are narrowed at the top. It is easier to draw than the folded ears. Draw curved front paws and then add the rabbit's hind legs and tail.

Step 3

How to draw Rabbit, step 3

Erase all the extra lines that are no longer needed to support the shape of your bunny.

Step 4

How to draw Rabbit, step 4

Draw details. Add the muzzle of the rabbit and his eyes. Rabbit's eyes are on the sides of its snout, so they can be seen in part in our figure. Give them a half circle-like shape. To complete the face, draw the nose like the letter Y, add mouth, chin, and cheeks.

Step 5

How to draw Rabbit, step 5

The finishing touches of the rabbit drawing. To finish your rabbit drawing, you can add fur using hatching pencil lines. You can also work on creating shadows. Then, add long whiskers on the animal's cheeks and eyebrows. It is not silly at all that a rabbit has eyebrows - they are shaped like a moustache.

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