How to Draw a Pirate Map

Drawing a pirate treasure map

Maps have been around since the ancient times and they are often associated with pirates: the Sailboats with a human skull on the flag and secret treasures buried in remote islands, which can be found only by relying on a map. One wonders if some of those treasures have never been found. Many books and children's stories have been written on this subject. Another use for the ancient maps was piloting a ship. In the modern times, topographic maps of the world and cities are a common attribute of any traveling person. In this lesson, we'll learn how to draw a pirate treasure map leading to hidden treasure.

Step 1

Drawing a pirate treasure map, step 1

First sketch the map. Since we are going to draw a map leading to secret treasure, first draw the outline of the island. Then mark the places for large objects on it. You can draw a Star, a legend or a compass near the map. Don't make the edges of the map too sharp. Think about what you may draw on the island to convey its wilderness. Definitely draw the lines for rivers and waterfalls on your pirate map.

Step 2

Drawing a pirate treasure map, step 2

Darken the edges of your map. Finalize all previous contours. Darken the edges of the map and the objects on the map to make them pop from your drawing. Add more important details such as smoke coming from a volcano and shade in the mountains and the valleys as well as any waterways.

Step 3

Drawing a pirate treasure map, step 3

Add detail to the island on the map. Draw whatever elements on an uninhabited island that a pirate would deem important to put on a map. Draw vertical grey lines on the right-hand side of the map to show cliffs. Focus on shading in the island where appropriate to make it look more realistic. Remember to add a curvy line for the shoreline where the land meets the ocean. You can even draw waves on one side of the shore and the Fishing Boat. Add a few palms to the island.

Step 4

Drawing a pirate treasure map, step 4

Identifying markings on the map. Now the fun part - put all the signs on the map that help indicate where the treasure is buried. For example, adding a few huts signifies primitive population. You may draw anchors near the waterways to represent ports. Label various significant places on the island. You can also draw a pirate ship approaching the island.

Step 5

Drawing a pirate treasure map, step 5

Here, the map is almost complete. You need to color it in yellow, blue and green. It will revitalize your drawing.

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