How to Draw an Emperor Penguin

How to Draw an Emperor Penguin, step by step

Penguin is a majestic Bird that lives in Antarctica. Drawing a penguin is fun because it is relatively easy. Don't forget to add a splash of bright yellow color to the plumage of your penguin, as this will make your picture pop. This lesson will help you learn how to draw cute penguins from the popular movie "Madagascar". All you have to do is make the pigeon's face more expressive. Despite the fact that drawing a penguin is not so hard, it is better to draw it gradually (at first use #2 pencil and then paints). This tutorial titled "How to draw an Emperor Penguin step by step" helps you draw a realistic-looking penguin with ease.

Step 1

How to Draw an Emperor Penguin, step 1

Where do we begin? Of course, you should start with basic outline of the round head and an oval-shaped long body and then gradually add details. Pay particular attention here because the penguin's shape should be symmetrical and the body must be four times longer than the diameter of the head.

Step 2

How to Draw an Emperor Penguin, step 2

Now draw an outline of the beak, which is the most complex part of this drawing. The beak must be proportional to the body of your penguin (not too big and not too small). The paws sticking out underneath the body should be positioned closer to the middle. Forepaws are easy to draw.

Step 3

How to Draw an Emperor Penguin, step 3

Work on defining the initial outlines of the beak and the rest of the penguin's body as you correct any imperfections along the way. Outline the penguin's small wings. The left wing should be moved slightly forward. Erase some extra pencil lines to reveal a nearly finished image.

Step 4

How to Draw a Emperor Penguin, step 4 class=

It is easy to draw a penguin's eye, so do it now. Then draw paws in detail. The feet of a penguin are similar to that of a goose (both have webbed feet) but are much bigger in size.

Step 5

How to Draw an Emperor Penguin, step 5

Now you just need to check your drawing for errors. The next step is painting. So make any changes now because it will be hard to do so later. If you did everything well, you can draw!

Step 6

How to Draw an Emperor Penguin, step 5

It is not necessary to paint your penguin with watercolors. You can shade in the penguin's plumage with #2 pencil and then use yellow pencil for some parts of your penguin. Such an effect will make your drawing more fun. You can also draw the Antarctica landscape in the background or a penguin cub nearby in order to make your drawing look more realistic. I hope this tutorial helped you create a great-looking penguin.

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