How to Draw a Panda

How to Draw a Panda Bear, step by step

Drawing a realistic panda bear and the Grizzly Bear requires some experience in drawing animals. The main thing of drawing panda bear is to bring out its playful character. Pandas have cute faces but are actually dangerous animals. If you like cute pandas, this tutorial will help you draw them. Drawing a panda can be done in HB pencil, using the step-by-step method. There is no need to color in this drawing because Panda's fur is black and white. It is optional to draw the surrounding landscape - mountains, bamboo trees, etc. Draw step by step, carefully keeping an eye on the proportions. Adding more and more detail gradually to your drawing enhances the quality of your work. In this lesson you will learn steps to drawing a panda bear in # 2 pencil.

Step 1

How to Draw a Panda Bear, step 1

Draw the basic lines of panda bear's head and torso. Start by drawing a simple oval line for the head fnd body of a panda bear. Then add the four circles for the panda's paws and move on to the next step. If you find it difficult to draw by yourself, you can print out this first step on the whole sheet of paper.

Step 2

How to Draw a Panda Bear, step 2

At this stage, let's draw the panda's hind legs. Sketch two circles on the bottom of drawing. They are used for drawing two hind paws. Sketch them as shown in my figure - trying to replicate their location and size. If you find it difficult to do at once correctly, draw their approximate shape, which you'll be able to perfect in the later steps.

Step 3

How to Draw a Panda Bear, step 3

Outline the forelegs and add this simple contour for the nose. It's probably quite easy to draw all those steps. The only advice is - do not press hard on your pencil as some pencil lines might need to be corrected. My drawing lessons are simplified, but drawing a realistic Panda can be quite difficult.

Step 4

How to Draw a Panda Bear, step 4

Details of drawing a Panda. Quite easy to draw the bear's ears, eyes and other faces details. By this stage, you have made a preliminary figure of a panda bear. Erase the extra lines. After that, you will proceed to work on the details of your drawing. There is no need to explain much here. Just look at how I've drawn the panda in this step and incorporate what you are seeing in your drawing.

Step 5

How to Draw a Panda Bear, step 5

Drawing panda bear's head in detail. Pandas have very unique coloring of the coat, as if there was not enough paint to color in the bear completely. The ears and the areas around the eyes are black. The rest of the panda's head is white. Don't forget to paint the nose black. You can draw your panda holding a stalk of bamboo. Panda loves this plant. Draw claws too, which serve the bear like fingers. Think about what else you might want to add to your drawing. Maybe you want to draw a Monkey or one little bear cub nearby?

Step 6

How to Draw a Panda Bear, step 5

Shading the panda's body. In fact, the lesson on how to draw a panda bear is almost finished. The previous steps were the most difficult. Now simply add different shades of the panda bear's coat in some places. You can add shades to the bear's fur using # 2 pencil only. For added realism, you can draw a landscape - mountains, vegetation, and of course the green bamboo, with long pointed leaves. Now you know how to draw a panda bear.

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