How to Draw an Octopus

How to Draw an Octopus, step by step

Octopus is a unique animal of the ocean. It has eight arms called tentacles that are equipped with numerous suction cups. An octopus moves by pushing water out of its hollow trunk. Surprisingly, an octopus has a bill and a stock of ink with which it stains the water when it senses danger. Drawing an octopus is relatively easy because as soon as you draw the long tentacles and the oval head, it becomes clear that it is an octopus. This sea animal is similar to a squid except it is larger in size.

Step 1

How to Draw an Octopus, step 1

Therefore, in order to draw a proper octopus, you need to draw not just the suction cups on its tentacles but also the two eyes on its head. In order to emphasize its size, you can draw this animal next to other inhabitants of the Ocean.

Step 2

How to Draw an Octopus, step 2

To begin, draw an extended oval slightly tilted to the left. The lower part of this oval must be somewhat flat. Pay attention, as this stage is pretty important. Next draw a contour of a "skirt" connected to the lower part of the oval and you will be ready to draw the tentacles in the following step.

Step 3

How to Draw an Octopus, step 3

For now, draw rough lines at random that will serve as the basis for tentacles. Start drawing them from the basis of the trunk, making sure that they get narrower towards the ends. Make sure the tentacles are more or less the same in length and width.

Step 4

How to Draw an Octopus, step 4

After erasing the extra pencil lines from, your octopus drawing is nearly complete. Add the eyes to the octopus's head and the suction cups of various sizes all over the bottom portion of each tentacle.

Step 5

How to Draw an Octopus, step 5

As you can see, the hardest part of drawing an octopus is over.

Step 6

How to Draw an Octopus, step 6

It's not necessary to color in this drawing but it might be a fun thing to do! However, adding shades with #2 pencil will do the job. In order to emphasize the large size of your octopus - the tentacles can be as long as two meters in length - you might want to draw other sea creatures in the background of your picture. This might help make the octopus drawing appear more realistic.

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