How to Draw Mushrooms

How to Draw Mushrooms, step by step

Mushroom picking is a fun tradition, especially in certain countries such as Russia. There are many mushroom varieties: chanterelles, boletuses, orange-cap boletuses, milk mushrooms. However, the king of all mushrooms is the wild cep, with its thick white stem and a wide brown cap. If you like to not only pick mushrooms but also draw them, let us try to do the latter together. We shall draw a mushroom step by step, in pencil first. As a final step, you can either color in the drawing with paints or colored pencils.
If you draw the mushroom standing tall on a grass bed or surrounded by fallen the Leaves, the drawing will look beautiful and catchy.

Step 1

How to Draw Mushrooms, step 1

First, draw two circles for the stem. The circles will help you estimate the right proportions of the mushroom.

Step 2

How to Draw Mushrooms, step 2

Draw two "ears" next to the stem, as shown in my drawing. These "ears" will help you draw the cap. Add an oval at the base of the stem. In nature, mushrooms rarely stand up perfectly straight, as the stems may be curved and caps wrinkled, so keep this in mind as you try to draw a realistic-looking mushroom.

Step 3

How to Draw Mushrooms, step 3

Now that you put down the basic contours, it's easy to outline the mushroom. You can just follow the curvature of the circles without lifting your pencil from the paper to reveal a real wild cep.

Step 4

How to Draw Mushrooms, step 4

Before you start working out the details in your mushroom drawing, erase the extra pencil lines that no longer help you. Add two lines along the edge of the cap. The beauty of the wild cep lies in the contrasting colors of its cap: it is white underneath and brown from above. Therefore, a light stripe at the edge of the cap will emphasize this effect.

Step 5

How to Draw Mushrooms, step 5

Now you see how easy it is to draw a mushroom if you draw it step by step. In just a few easy steps you are ready to paint your mushroom or color it in with crayons. Your mushroom drawing can also look quite spectacular when completed in a lead pencil. If you share this opinion, you can just shade in the drawing with a soft lead pencil, like I've done in my drawing.

Step 6

How to Draw Mushrooms, step 6

Nature elements such as baby mushrooms, yellow leaves, grass, Birch Trees, and twigs surrounding your cep will add a realistic effect to your drawing. If you feel confident drawing the mushroom, try to add such landscape to your picture.

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