How to Draw Human Lips

How to draw human lips, step by step

If you want to draw the Human Face, you should first draw the Eyes correctly. Eyes communicate the mood of the person in your drawing. It is important to try and get the facial features right if the face is the central point of your drawing. More specifically, the eyes and the lips are typically the most important elements of any portrait. Therefore, it is risky to allow any imperfections in those areas, as the whole drawing might be distorted. The portrait might look nothing like the person you are trying to draw. This lesson will show you how to draw human lips in pencil step by step.

Step 1

How to draw human lips, step 1

At first, mark three parallel lines in order to draw beautiful lips (see my example). Remember that the farther the short lines are placed from the main one, the fuller the lips will be. In this picture, the distance between the upper lip and the lower one is 4 cm, the length of the main line is 13 cm, and the short lines are 3 cm long.

Step 2

How to draw human lips, step 2

One can draw beautiful lips using step-by-step method even if one has no talent for drawing. You'll see how easy it is at the end of our lesson. Now continue to draw lips. Just connect two short lines to one another. The shape of the lips is obvious already!

Step 3

How to draw human lips, step 3

It would be too easy to draw all the lines of the portrait with a ruler. However, you should use your imagination and draw real shape of the lips by dividing the upper lip into two parts. The upper lip usually is shaped as a heart. The upper contour must be reduced and the lower one must be enlarged.

Step 4

How to draw human lips, step 4

Afterwards, erase the initial contours (except the lines on the lower lip). Now your drawing looks like real lips. Now work on the lip line. In order to do that, just copy the contour of the upper lip at the level of the main line. The middle part of the lip line must be a little bit stretched (refer to my picture). As I started earlier, don't rush to erase the initial contours on the lower lip. Just shade in the parts where the lines cross.

Step 5

How to draw human lips, step 5

Now you should add volume to your drawing in order to make the lips appear natural. So shade the lips at their corners and along the line where the upper lip connects to the lower lip. If you want to paint the lips, do so now. If you've decided to simply use pencil, then do one more thing.

Step 6

How to draw human lips, step 6

Human lips have some wrinkles or folds that stretch while a person smiles. Draw these details. Then shade in the lips. Your lips drawing is ready. I suppose that now you agree with me that it is quite easy to draw human lips, isn't it?

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