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How to Draw a Lily Flower

How to draw a Lily Flower step by step

Most likely each one of us has attempted to draw the beautiful Lily flower at least once but our drawing technique can be perfected. After this lesson, we will be able to draw a lily easily, when we follow the step-by-step method.
For larger decorations, we will draw lily stalks with leaves.

Step 1.

How to draw a Lily Flower, step 1

To begin, draw a small circle for the bud of a lily flower and then attach to it a long line for the stalk.

Step 2.

How to draw a Lily Flower, step 2

In the second step, we need to draw simple contours for the petals of this flower. To do this, draw seven initial lines (not necessarily symmetrical) using curved lines that will determine the final shape of lily petals.

Step 3.

How to draw a Lily Flower, step 3

Now we need to work on further details pertaining to the petals. Draw the contours of lily petals. While drawing individual petals, keep the shape of a lily in mind.

Step 4.

How to draw a Lily Flower, step 4

Now we'll add even more detail to the final contours of each petal. Drawing the actual petals of a lily not requires to make them the same width, so you should be able to draw them with ease.
It is time to erase the contours of the inside marks for petals.

Step 5.

How to Draw a Lily Flower, step 5

Now move on to drawing the stem and the leaves for the lily, which are both very easy tasks. Add pointy leaves of varying size and quantity.

Step 6.

How to Draw a Lily Flower, step 6

At this point, we are almost done with the steps to drawing a lily. You can add shadows to the petals where the light does not hit the flower directly.

Step 7.

How to Draw a Lily Flower, step 7

Here, the lily pattern is complete and you need only to color lily flower with crayons or even watercolor. The leaves are different shades of green.

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