How to Draw a Ladybug

How to Draw a Ladybug, step by step

The ladybug and a Snail is easy to draw. It's important to draw the first step. Just add new details to your drawing step by step and this lesson won't be difficult for you. A ladybug must be painted. If your drawing is in black and white, the ladybird won't be as bright and beautiful as in reality.

Step 1

How to Draw a Ladybug, step 1

At first you should draw only one oval-shaped contour. It looks like an egg. You'll need just the upper part of the contour, so don't press your pencil heavily against the page.

Step 2

How to Draw a Ladybug, step 2

Divide this contour into 3 parts and make a preliminary marking for the limbs of your ladybug. Only 3 limbs are seeable (2 forelimbs and 1 hind one).

Step 3

How to Draw a Ladybug, step 3

The head of the ladybug must be a little bit emphasized. So increase the front segment like in my example.
It is easy to draw the limbs 'cause you've made a marking before.

Step 4

How to Draw a Ladybug, step 4

At first erase all the guidelines. The ladybug has a dividing line on its back. It's a place where the wings are connected. Draw this line and then some irregular-shaped circles on the wings of your ladybug. Now we're going to draw the most difficult part of our lesson. Pay attention to the "face" of the ladybird.

Step 5

How to Draw a Ladybug, step 5

Now you should just draw the eyes, the part of the left front limb and other details. For instance, you can refine the contour of the bottom part of the body or make an additional contour of a light spot on the head.

Step 6

How to Draw a Ladybug, step 6

Ladybugs have very beautiful coloration. So paint your drawing a ladybug. You may use colour pencils, but paints would be better. So now your drawing is ready. Now you can draw a background in order to complete your composition.

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