Drawing a Koala Bear

Koala Bear Drawing in pencil, step by step

The Koala Bear and Panda Bear are probably two of the cutest animals out there. In any picture, a koala always looks a bit clumsy and so kind that it makes almost anyone smile. If you have some experience drawing animals, try drawing a koala. This drawing might just turn out to be the highlight of your drawing collection. So, let's draw a koala in pencil step by step.

Step 1

Koala Bear Drawing in pencil, step 1

First sketch the koala's body using three overlapping circles. Such preliminary mapping out will help you maintain the right proportions of this animal's body. For the front paws, draw four small circles that will help you shape the front paws precisely at a later stage.

Step 2

Koala Bear Drawing in pencil, step 2

Draw four small circles for the front paws of the koala. These will help you to shape the front paws precisely in the next step.

Step 3

Koala Bear Drawing in pencil, step 3

Connect the lines for the front paws with four lines while bearing in mind that the left paw is slightly bent. A koala uses both the front and the hind paws for gripping the branch, so draw the lines for the hind paws at the same level as those for the right front paw.

Step 4

Koala Bear Drawing in pencil, step 4

It's very easy to draw the hind paws by using a guideline; just connect the circles with the curved lines.
Drawing koala's head is as easy. Sketch two big ears, an oblong outline of the nose, and two small circles for the koala's eyes. We'll transform these rough outlines into true eyes and ears soon enough. The koala grips a tree branch with its paws, so draw in detail the paws gripping a branch first, then erase the unnecessary pencil lines and start working on the rest of the details. Although this step is not too complicated, it requires special attention. Focus on the right front paw. The koala's ears are fuzzy. Sketch general shapes for the eyes, the nose, and the mouth.

Step 5

Koala Bear Drawing in pencil, step 5

Remember that you want your koala to sit on a branch while gripping it with its three paws. Now finish drawing the koala's eyes. The eyes look more realistic with a little glare in them to give an impression of the koala looking at the viewer. You might want to shade in your koala's big black nose right away to make it look round.

Step 6

Koala Bear Drawing in pencil, step 6

Disregard the following step if you want to color in your drawing using watercolor or crayons. However, if you decide to stick with No. 2 pencil, it is necessary to do some shading of your drawing in order to make your koala appear more 3D.

Step 7

Koala Bear Drawing in pencil, step 7

Adding background always helps to make a drawing look more realistic, so draw leaves and branches around the koala. Now you know how to draw a koala bear.

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