How to Draw a Kangaroo

How to draw a Kangaroo step by step

The Kangaroo is certainly a unique animal. First of all, Kangaroo (and Koala) lives only in Australia. A kangaroo mother has a pouch on her stomach that she uses to bring up her baby, which is called joey. The joey stays in the pouch until it grows up. This is not the only distinctive trait possessed by a kangaroo. This animal has huge muscular hind legs and a long thick tail. Your kangaroo drawing will look more precise if you draw gradually using #2 pencil. As a first step, sketch the general contours of a kangaroo's trunk, feet, and head followed by other parts of the animal's body in subsequent steps. Let's go at it!

Step 1

How to draw a Kangaroo, step 1

Begin by drawing two circles. One of them is for the kangaroo's chest and another must be slightly larger and is intended for a back part of the trunk. After connecting the circles with a straight line, add a small hyphen for the neck like so. If it helps you to compare a kangaroo to a similar-looking animal, think about a hare. The Hare has oversized hind legs, short forepaws, and long ears. The major difference between the two animals lies in the tail length - it is very long in a kangaroo.

Step 2

How to draw a Kangaroo, step 2

At this step, we will draw paws and tail on a kangaroo. Forepaws are short, so draw them almost in straight lines, and back forepaws are bent at nearly a right angle at their midpoint. The long tail can be drawn in any form. Draw a small circle for the neck's hyphen. This is where it will be connected to the kangaroo's head.

Step 3

How to draw a Kangaroo, step 3

So far, you have only put down the circles and lines indicating general proportions of a kangaroo's body. Now let's transform them into actual body contours. It should suffice to leave the lines curved as you see in my drawing.

Step 4

How to draw a Kangaroo, step 4

Erase the excess pencil lines to uncover a nearly finished sketch of a kangaroo. Add an eye, a nose, and a mouth inside the head circle. Draw the ears above the head, and you might notice that your Kangaroo is already looking at you curiously from the drawing.

Step 5

How to draw a Kangaroo, step 5

Let's continue working on the head and paws. If your kangaroo drawing is big, i.e. it occupies all the space on your sheet of paper, it might help to add shadows using pencil and spend some time on making the animal's eyes look expressive. If your drawing is relatively small, try to replicate my drawing. Darken the kangaroo's eyes, nose, and mouth. Do not forget to add claws to its paws, a seemingly minor but important detail.

Step 6

How to draw a Kangaroo, step 6

At this point, shade in the entire drawing of kangaroo and work on the landscape if you like. A kangaroo can be often seen near the seashore in Australia. For simplicity, draw a horizontal line of the Sea behind your kangaroo and the sandy coast. Your kangaroo drawing will be more realistic if you draw other kangaroos nearby, because kangaroos live in packs.

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