How to Draw Iron Man

How to Draw Iron Man, step by step

Iron Man is a character from the movie and the comics Avengers. His body suit is quite complex as it is divided into many unique parts that serve a specific purpose. Another challenge presented in drawing the Iron Man is drawing the Human Figure. This is why I highly recommend following the step-by-step method in this lesson. Use the entire sheet of paper to draw the Iron Man as it is easier to work on a larger drawing.

Step 1

How to Draw Iron Man, step 1

Draw the main contours of the Iron Man's figure. In the initial stage of your drawing, sketch the contours of the head in shape of a circle, then an oval for the shoulders, and another larger oval for the torso. Draw two circles on the bottom of the shoulder oval and extend two lines down that will represent the arms. Using the circle technique, you can add even smaller circles at the end of both lines for hands. If you're drawing the Iron Man in a specific pose, you can add one hand circle right above the head and connect it with the left shoulder by a rough line. Now sketch the legs downwards from the torso oval. Please keep in mind that many of these lines will need to be erased later, so try not to press too hard on the pencil at this point.

Step 2

How to Draw Iron Man, step 2

Draw parts of the Iron Man's body. Now you can go over the initial lines with a firm stroke of your pencil. This is a very important step as you focus on conveying the accurate body shape. It might be best to copy my sketch if this is your first time drawing this character. Make a hexagon out of the head circle. Give his raised arm a rectangular shape, with two compartments. Then draw a rectangle around the shoulder circle connected to the other arm. Widen that arm in the same fashion.

Step 3

How to Draw Iron Man, step 3

Erase extra pencil lines. Use the eraser to get rid of the unnecessary contours. Round some parts of your sketch of the Iron Man and add more rough contours in additional places.

Step 4

How to Draw Iron Man, step 4

Move on to the detail work. Draw the human Eyes, human Nose, and mouth and work on making the facial features more precise. Draw fingers and various additional contours to the body suit.

Step 5

How to Draw Iron Man, step 5

Final stage of the drawing. It is important to color in your drawing. Otherwise your Iron Man drawing risks looking very plain. You can use colored pencils and markers or even watercolor if you're experienced with it.

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