How to Draw a Hedgehog

How To Draw a Hedgehog, step by step

Hedgehog is a popular character in children's drawings. This is a fun and sympathetic animal. Perhaps not everyone knows that hedgehog is very useful for humans. Where lives the hedgehog, there will not be mice and bothersome insects. It is easily tamed if you give it milk. It knows how to pick up the Mushrooms and apples with its back needles. This way the hedgehog carries them to its home. In the autumn, the animal needs to stock up on food for the winter. How to draw a hedgehog? This creature has so many needles! Let's try to do this together and perhaps the lesson on how to draw a hedgehog step by step for you will seem quite easy.

Step 1

How to Draw a Hedgehog, step 1

Draw the contours of a hedgehog's head and body. The initial contours of the hedgehog body are easy. Draw only two ovals. Draw them in a free form, we'll adjust these lines and even erase some of them in the following steps. Do not press hard on the pencil while sketching the hedgehog here.

Step 2

How to Draw a Hedgehog, step 2

Draw the muzzle and paws. The second stage is the most important for the drawing of hedgehog. Try to draw lines of hedgehog's muzzle as accurately as possible. Draw eyes, a long nose, and four feet. See how easily and quickly the two rough ovals are transformed into a believable the hedgehog!

Step 3

How to Draw a Hedgehog, step 3

Draw the hedgehog's torso and ears. Gradually attach the contoured lines of the head with that of the body. It is not difficult to extend these lines and just draw them around a large oval. You can see how it's done in my drawing. Now you can erase extra lines and draw two ears. Hedgehog will come alive from the page if you add a small flare in its eye.

Step 4

How to Draw a Hedgehog, step 4

Erase all extra lines from drawing. At this step you need to clear the drawing a hedgehog from extra pencil lines. Erase them gently with an eraser without touching the desired contours. After this, pay attention to the paws, ears, and other parts of the animal's body. Your drawing is almost complete!

Step 5

How To Draw a Hedgehog, step 5

Draw the Hedgehog's needles. I'm a bit rushed and completely forgot about the hedgehog's needles. We need to draw a lot of needles on its back and sides. How to not make your hedgehog easily confused for a porcupine? The needles must be tilted to the side and not very long.

Step 6

How To Draw a Hedgehog, step 5

Drawing a Hedgehog. Use # 2 pencil to create tonality. Use brief light strokes of pencil or colored pencils. Add various shades to the body in order to create a lot of contrast. This is it. The hedgehog is ready to jump off your sheet of paper and go! It needs to collect a lot of mushrooms to store over the winter. I hope the lesson how to draw a hedgehog, step-by-step helped you make a good pencil drawing.

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