Graffiti drawing

Graffiti tutorial

Graffiti is very popular among young people, but not everyone can draw it beautifully and stylishly. Let's try to learn how to draw graffiti on paper with # 2 pencil so that we can move on confidently to markers or graffiti paint.

Step 1

Select the style of letters. Most of us have seen the graffiti inscriptions on the streets. Sometimes they are even singled out by the authorities of the city as special places. You can a lot of graffiti designs online. The easiest and most popular graffiti style is bubble-shaped letters. You can choose round or sharp edges, similar in size or big letters, some of them smaller, etc. It is easier to imitate a certain style rather than invent it.

Step 2

Write the word on paper. You can select any word for your graffiti. Most importantly, leave enough space between letters, because you will be expanding them, so the space in-between letters will be filled.

Step 3

Do graffiti-style letters. Draw out each letter using light pencil strokes because you may need to correct some lines and little mistakes later. It would require a lot of time and patience to make all the letters stylish. Keep in mind that the point is to make your graffiti original, not copy someone else's work.

Step 4

Options for line widths. You can make the font the same thickness, but it's better if the lines are thicker in some places and thinner in others.

Step 5

Graffiti tutorial, step 5

Special effects for graffiti. When you have finished drawing out the letters, you can add additional details to your graffiti. Perhaps a letter Z will portray lightning and letter O will be in shape of a drop. You can do several impressive effects to the letter P. Next you can put a bubble around the word, as in the comics. If there are errors in the presentation of the graffiti, you will not be able to continue drawing it correctly. Copy the drawing done in pencil before the coloring stage. Configure the scanner to all shades so that the effects are reflected correctly on paper copies.

Step 6

Graffiti tutorial, step 6

Shading pencil lines. Use a marker to darken lines drawn with a pencil. These lines are permanent, so be careful. Small errors can be corrected. For example, if the line is too thin, fill it out to get an additional volume.

Step 7

Graffiti tutorial, step 7

Add color to the graffiti. Take a look at some finished samples before coloring in your graffiti. Do not use a pencil to color in the letters. Graffiti must be vivid and noticeable. You can fill each letter in a different color or play with select few colors. However, letters that are too colorful may distract from the main effect of the graffiti, making it harder to focus on the word.

Step 8

Graffiti tutorial, step 8

Once you learn the right way to draw graffiti, you can develop your own style.

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