How to Draw a Fox

How to Draw a Fox, Step by Step

A fox looks a lot like a Wolf or the Dog but is smaller in size. Undoubtedly, a fox has its own distinct traits. She has a big fluffy tail that is not only beautiful but also useful to this animal for covering up her trail and for keeping itself warm in the harsh conditions of the winter. Also its brass-colored fur is thicker and longer. A fox's snout is narrower than that of a dog. Generally foxes have long torsos and short legs that are slightly bent at the knees. Remember to keep all of this in mind as you draw this beautiful creature in stages using # 2 pencil.

Step 1

How to Draw a Fox, step 1

Draw the contours of a fox's body and head. First draw two main circles representing the head, the chest and shoulder blades, and the back portion of the animal's body not including the tail. After that, connect these circles with horizontal line and then draw four vertical lines for its two pairs of legs.

Step 2

How to Draw a Fox, step 2

Work on the shape of the fox's torso. Sketch an approximate shape of the fox's body, legs, and head. Always use an arched line for the contours of its head and neck.
Define the contours of its legs, belly, back and the back of its head. Work on making all the transitions smooth as you progress through the stages of your drawing. You can still correct those lines later but try to perfect them as you go.

Step 3

How to Draw a Fox, step 3

Fox's head, tail and paws.
Let's draw the appropriate lines for the fox's tail and paws. Then draw the ears on the head circle. Draw an oval for the fox's nose in the middle of the head circle.
All these steps of drawing a fox are very easy. But the next steps will be more difficult.

Step 4

How to Draw a Fox, step 4

Time for detail work. Remove all the extra lines that are no longer needed to support your fox outline or do it in next step.
Then draw the eyes inside the head circle. Delete the arched line underneath snout and add some details in the paws.

Step 5

How to Draw a Fox, step 5

Remove all the extra lines. They are no longer needed to support your fox drawing. Now pay attention to the details of the drawing. Since a fox's ears are pretty big, draw an additional arched line inside each ear to depict its size. Draw narrow slits for eyes and shade them in with a little blank space in the middle. Define other features of your fox's head.

Step 6

How to Draw a Fox, step 6

Shade in the drawing with # 2 pencil or with colored pencils. Shade in your fox drawing using # 2 pencil, pressing on it lightly in some places and harder in others. Tips of the ears, paws, and end of the tail tend to be black in color, which you can depict in your drawing. Here, be careful not to smudge the pencil lines that are an integral part of the drawing.
Cover the remaining lines with short sharp lines to convey the animal's fur, including on the tail and the chest.

Step 7

How to Draw a Fox, step 7

In this tutorial i used a Graphic Tablet but you can use colored pencils to add yellow and red tones to the fox's fur.

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