How to Draw a Flower

How to draw a Flower, step by step

There are millions of flowers on our planet but each flower is unique. Aside from the color variation, some flowers have round and broad petals while others have rather thin and pointy ones. In your drawings, you can design colorful flower bouquets of various sorts. The more varieties of flowers you have in a bouquet, the brighter it is. Your bouquet can be embroidered with ribbons, fern-like green branches, and leaves from other larger flowers. It all depends on your imagination. In this lesson, we will learn how to draw flowers in a bouquet, step by step in # 2 pencil.

Step 1

How to draw a Flower, step 1

The leaves and buds of flowers. Draw the outline of flower leaves and buds. Ovals or circles will provide a form for the buds of flowers. Draw tentative contours without pressing too much on your pencil. They are only temporary forms of your future flower bouquet.

Step 2

How to draw a Flower, step 2

The pistils of flower buds. In this step we will draw each pistil of a flower. Add a smaller circle inside your flower bud circle.

Step 3

How to draw a Flower, step 3

Choose Tulips for this bouquet. Add a more clear shape to the contours of our former buds of flowers. Make a round shape and divide every contour of the flower into small petals. Turn each one into a tulip.

Step 4

How to draw a Flower, step 4

Decorate bouquet with a ribbon. Tie a ribbon around your bouquet to make it look festive. To do this, just draw two parallel curved lines several times around the stems above the leaves.

Step 5

How to draw a Flower, step 5

The leaves of the flowers. Finally, work on drawing the flower stalks and leaves. Add a few leaves of ornamental fern. Fern leaves are easy to draw. Simply divide the entire sheet of paper into lots of sharp segments. Remember to finish a bunch of flower stems at the bottom of the drawing.

Step 6

How to draw a Flower, step 6

Color in the flowers. Bouquet of flowers must be colored in with crayons or even watercolor. The leaves are different shades of green. Choose the color of your ribbon to match the flowers.

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