Drawing a Human Face

Drawing a Human Face, step by step

Face is the most expressive part of the body. It can be challenging to portray facial expressions on paper. Therefore, it is best follow a step-by-step method, as described in this tutorial.

Step 1

Drawing a Human Face, step 1

The basics of building a human face. Draw a horizontal line just above the lower half of the face. On this line there will be nasal bridge and eyes. Then draw three horizontal lines. Draw first line for the top of the eyes and second line for middle of the eyes. Third line will signify the tip of the nose and the beginning of upper lip. Within these tentative lines, we will draw out each part of the face one by one.

Step 2

Drawing a Human Face, step 2

The contours of the face. Draw the initial outline of facial features, placing them on the lines. Draw outline of the Eyes, mouth, and Nose. Draw a vertical line from the middle of each contour of the eyes. These two lines indicate the placement of the corners of the mouth on the face.

Step 3

Drawing a Human Face, step 3

Make facial features more accurate. Draw the outline of the hair, eyebrows, and ears. The tips of the ears should be slightly above the eye line. Use the pencil gently, without pressing on it.

Step 4

Drawing a Human Face, step 4

Create facial volume. Apply thin and soft strokes when drawing your face and hair. To accentuate facial contours, use fine strokes to shade in parts of the face where the light might not hit the face directly. Create shadows with a thicker and darker tint in several layers. Use even finer strokes in place where the light might fall. Next draw the curls in the hair.

Step 5

Drawing a Human Face, step 5

Drawing a Human Face. Final step. Shadows give face volume and enliven it. For a more realistic human face, you can add a mole, but this is optional.

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