How to Draw Human Eyes

Drawing Human Eyes, step by step

Human eyes are the most attractive part of the Face. Therefore, the eyes should be drawn with extra care and effort. In this lesson, we will learn the stages of drawing human eyes in # 2 pencil.

Step 1

Drawing Human Eyes, step 1

Step 2

Drawing Human Eyes, step 2

Step 3

Drawing Human Eyes, step 3

Draw two ovals shaped like lemons. First, we must draw two ovals in shape of lemons with circles in the middle for pupils. Please note that your eyes must be symmetrical to each other. Each eye must be mirror image of the other eye.

Step 4

Drawing Human Eyes, step 4

Pupils and irises of the eyes. Next, we need to draw the indentations for tear canals and black pupils. Pupils change size depending on the lighting in a particular setting. For example, pupils dilate if the surroundings are dark. Draw the irises around each pupil.

Step 5

Drawing Human Eyes, step 5

Drawing a nose. Although I chose to draw Nose and eyebrows, you don't have to do so at this point. Go back to the eyes. Work on refining the contours of the eyes, and draw a rainbow shell.

Step 6

Drawing Human Eyes, step 6

Glare in the eyes. Darken the pupils, leaving blank some space in the upper part of the eyes for the glare effect. Imagine the source of light. If it hits the eyes from the right, there will be a glare in the corner of the right eye.

Step 7

Drawing Human Eyes, step 7

Drawing Human Eyes. Final stage. To finish drawing the eyes we must add eyelashes. Long eyelashes can be very dramatic but be careful not to overdo it. Darken some parts, as shown in the image.

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