How to Draw a Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle Pencil Drawing, Step by Step

This lesson will help you learn how to draw a bald eagle in pencil step by step and learn the techniques for drawing any bird, for example draw a Stork, draw a Swan etc. An eagle is a predatory bird - it is so strong that it can even take down a lamb. Its body structure differs from that of many other birds. Big wings and a curved beak make an eagle look formidable. Eagles can fly really fast thanks to their wings. Their acute vision allows them to detect prey from a long distance. An eagle is often pictured on flags of different countries. It's not too hard to draw this bird. The most difficult step is drawing the wings. It is also very important to draw the beak and eyes correctly, as these are the eagle's distinguishing features. You can also draw mountain landscape in the background. Now let's start drawing the eagle in pencil.

Step 1

Bald Eagle Pencil Drawing, step 1

At first, draw a curved line with an indentation in the middle of it that will serve as wings. Now draw an oval beneath the indentation; it should be slightly tilted to the right. This oval will be the body. The oval must end in the middle of the right wing. Make sure you stick to the advised proportions here.

Step 2

Bald Eagle Pencil Drawing, step 2

Now you should draw an approximate shape of the head, wings, and tail. First draw a circle in the center of the line, which you previously marked for the wings. Then draw a line from the center of the oval to the upper line of the left wing, leaving a small gap in between two lines. Repeat this step on the right side but make the lower line a bit longer than the upper one. Draw two lines for the tail of an eagle on the right side of the oval.

Step 3

Bald Eagle Pencil Drawing, step 3

The following steps will help you sketch the body more precisely. Draw a longer curved line on the upper contour of the left wing. Do the same with the right wing. Next draw a triangle with a rounded angle, which will be the beak of your eagle. Draw a separation line between the neck and the lower body of the bird. Draw a line to the ends of the eagle's tail.

Step 4

Bald Eagle Pencil Drawing, step 4

Now outline the contours of the head and wings more precisely. Erase all the initial sketches. Draw two "hooks" and a line between them in the center of the tail. Draw the plumage on the ends of the bird's wings. Draw a line separating the beak from the head. Then simply add an eye.

Step 5

Bald Eagle Pencil Drawing, step 5

Now you should draw a zigzag on the bottom of the tail and wings. Visually divide the wings into several segments, with lower part of the wings being the biggest segment. Draw vertical lines in all the segments except for one on the left side. Draw the same lines on the eagle's tail. Refinish a small circle in the end of the contour for the eye and draw a short line to the right of the circle.

Step 6

Bald Eagle Pencil Drawing, step 6

As a final step, shade in your bald eagle using #2 pencil. The eagle's wings must be black with white gaps, which will signify plumage shining in the rays of the sun. Draw some fuzz on the bird's head. Then draw some lines on your eagle's feet. Also add some light lines on the tail. Your eagle drawing will be more beautiful if you draw mountains or the sky in the background.

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