How to Draw a Duck

How to Draw a Duck Step by Step

In this lesson you'll learn how to draw a duck step by step. Try drawing a realistic-looking duck. You will see that it is easy to do that using the method of gradual drawing. Let's draw a duck together and you'll see that drawing a duck is really easy and fun.

Step 1

How to Draw a Duck, step 1

Step 2

How to Draw a Toucan, step 2

Step 3

How to Draw a Duck, step 3

Step 4

How to Draw a Toucan, step 4

Step 5

How to Draw a Duck, step 5

Step 6

How to Draw a Duck, step 6

Step 7

How to Draw a Duck, step 7

Our duck drawing is now complete!

Fun Duck Facts for Kids

Fun Duck Facts for Kids
Learn a few surprising facts about Ducks.
Duck feathers are covered with special grease that makes them repel water. This grease is distributed from the base of the tail feathers all over the body.
Ducks are able to dive down to depths of more than 6 meters in search of food.
Only female ducks quack.
Some species of ducks can fly at an altitude of 6 km. Therefore, they can interfere with planes in flight.
Ducks, geese and swans lose all their flight feathers during molting and cannot fly.
Wild ducks are flying in wedges to reduce drag and not to lose sight of one another. When the leading duck gets tired, another duck takes its place.
Ducklings are ready to swim as soon as the day after their birth. Here's a good technique for drawing a duck.
Depending on the situation, ducks use about ten different sounds to communicate.

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