How to Draw a Dinosaur

How to draw a Dinosaur, step by step

At times it's fun to try to imagine what our planet looked like millions of years ago, when dinosaurs, brontosauruses, Alligators, pterodactyls inhabited our planet. Movies tell us what dinosaurs looked like but seeing their actual skeletons at a museum is way cooler! By drawing a dinosaur, you can immerse yourself into the world of giant reptiles and tall plants of the Jurassic period. How can you draw a dinosaur without having seen one in real life? Aside from using pictures of dinosaurs provided by scientists, of course you should use your imagination. It is easier to draw a dinosaur gradually, step by step. At first sketch some outlines in pencil before using paints. You can draw a landscape and other animals around your dinosaur. Then your painting is like a blast from the past that is bound to attract a good deal of attention. Let's try to draw a dinosaur together.

Step 1

How to draw a Dinosaur, step 1

Start drawing an oval-shaped body and two small circles for the head and ears of your dinosaur. Draw a small tail on the bottom in order to make the initial outline depict general shape of a dinosaur.

Step 2

How to draw a Dinosaur, step 2

Draw three circles that are equidistant from each other under the oval-shaped body. The circles will be a mark for you so that you know the placement of legs. Now draw legs of a dinosaur relying on my example.

Step 3

How to draw a Dinosaur, step 4

The tail might be the easiest part of this drawing, whereas drawing the dinosaur's head looks like a complex task. For ease in doing so, you should just add four lines and then erase all the tentative lines. The head of your dinosaur is ready!

Step 4

How to draw a Dinosaur, step 5

At this stage, drawing the rest of your dinosaur becomes really easy. At first remove all the guiding lines. Be precise and don't erase important lines. Dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes. As you can see, my example has horns. Simply add the horns and add some details to your dinosaur's snout.

Step 5

How to draw a Dinosaur, step 5

At this stage you should work on the details of the dinosaur's skin. Then add the claws to the feet and draw the apple of the eye. This dinosaur has horny excrescence on its back. Just draw a parallel line along the back of your dinosaur and then add some perpendicular strokes. There are a lot of skin folds, especially under the feet. It is not essential to draw them. But your dinosaur drawing might look more realistic if you draw these folds.

Step 6

How to draw a Dinosaur, step 6

Now add some shadows that add a 3d effect to your drawing. You can paint your drawing in any colors you like. It is important to draw a landscape of the Jurassic period. Draw some figures of other animals in the background, a flying pterodactyls and giant plants of that era. Don't make the background too bright so as not to take away the focus from your dinosaur.

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