How to Draw a Daisy

How to Draw a Daisy step by step

You may find this tutorial to be one of the easiest ones. In your drawing, you can make these simple flowers a little more fancy than they are in real life.

Step 1

How to Draw a Daisy, step 1

Draw an outline of a daisy. Draw a small circle for the bud of a daisy and then attach to it a long line for the stalk. Now you can estimate the proportions of your drawing. The petals of a daisy will be attached strictly to the circle.

Step 2

How to Draw a Daisy, step 2

Draw a second circle to the petals of a daisy. Draw another circle with a greater diameter around the first circle. This way you estimate the border to the petals of your daisy so that they are of the same length. Moreover, the petals inside the circle will lie exactly around the circle for the floret. This technique will make your drawing look more attractive.

Step 3

How to Draw a Daisy, step 3

The petals of daisy are very similar to Sunflower petals.
Erase outer pattern sketches. It is good to start by drawing two circles for the floret in order to make petals look symmetric and neat. Drawing the actual petals of a daisy requires some effort and attention. They will be located inside the second circle's borders, so you should be able to draw them with ease. Remember to make them the same width as well.

Step 4

How to Draw a Daisy, step 4

Here, the daisy pattern is almost complete. It is time to erase the contours of the inside marks for petals. Here, the daisy pattern is almost complete. You need to color it in yellow but do it in the end. In fact, the only colors you'll need for this drawing are yellow and green. Now move on to drawing the stem and the leaves for the daisy, which are both very easy tasks. Add pointy leaves of varying size and quantity. Add tiny veins on flower leaves. You are welcome to draw the leaves as you like; the floret itself is the major one to draw attention to. Flowers almost always look best in a bouquet. If you do not want to draw a bouquet of daisies, you can draw a Butterfly or draw a Honey Bee on top of the daisy. It will revitalize your drawing of a single daisy flower.

Step 5

How to Draw a Daisy, step 5

I guess now you know how to draw a daisy correctly.

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