How to Draw a Car

How to draw a Car step by step

In this lesson we will learn how to quickly draw a crossover class car in pencil, step by step. Vehicle of this type is larger than its passenger counterparts. Therefore, the wheel is much bigger and the body is wider compared to that of ordinary passenger cars. This vehicle also has high suspension for better off-road terrain. It is not always possible to convey the complexity of this modern design in a drawing. So we create a vehicle without the design element, and leave only the base of the car visible. After you draw a car in pencil, you can add your design elements, such as the spoiler and the air intake. If you want, you can color in the finished drawing with colored pencils.

Step 1

How to draw a car, step 1

Start with drawing the basic layout. In later stages, when it is easier to add to a complex shape, we will refine its initial structure.

Step 2

How to draw a car, step 2

At this point, draw two area for the wheel and windows of the car. This is not an easy part of our drawing because the wheel is inside of the car.

Step 3

How to draw a car, step 3

You should have no difficulty drawing the streamlined body of the car.

Step 4

How to draw a car, step 4

Now we are going to work on the front part of the body of car. Refer to my previous sketch and define the bumper, the lights, and the grill. Draw the rest of the bodywork of the car, it is very easy, just look at the picture and draw.

Step 5

How to draw a car, step 5

In this final step, we erase all roughness and extra parts. The eraser must be clean, so as not to leave traces of blurred pencil. Based on this drawing, you can draw Sports Car of other models and brands, following the same step-by-step method. Once the drawing is completed in pencil, you can use colored pencils or watercolor to give it life!

Step 6

How to draw a car, step 6

It is easy to draw the window on the car because they are tinted black. Shade the windshield and the side windows black in #2 pencil, define the outline a little more. You can leave some areas on windows light to convey the glare on the glass.

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