How to Draw a Birch Tree

Birch Tree drawing step by step

In this tutorial we will learn how to draw a Birch Tree step by step in # 2 pencil. But if you need to draw the Birch Tree appear more realistic use colored pencils. Green leaves will enliven your drawing.

Step 1

Birch Tree drawing, step 1

To begin any drawing a tree, we need to draw a long trunk. Add two basic branches coming from the top half and bottom of the trunk. In my drawing both branches of Birch Tree placed from left side. If you want you can add one on right side.

Step 2

Birch Tree drawing, step 2

This step is very easy. Following our preliminary contours you need only to scetch the main form of the tree trunk and the branches. Use the lumpy lines because the bark of Birch Tree has an irregular surface.

Step 3

Birch Tree drawing, step 3

To begin, erase the main inner lines of the trunk and the branches. Now you need add numerous smaller branches stem from both bigger branches.

Step 4

Birch Tree drawing, step 4

In this step is to draw the initial outline of the tree's crown without the leaves. In this stage of drawing a Birch Tree you can use imperfect lines.

Step 5

Birch Tree drawing, step 5

How to draw the leaves?
You can paint the green numerous spots with a small brush or colored pencil.

Step 6

Birch Tree drawing, step 6

You can also add a few details surrounding the Birch Tree. For example, you can draw sun, blue sky and floating clouds.

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