How to Draw a Bear

Drawing a Bear, step by step

Drawing a bear requires some preparation in terms of having experience in drawing animals. The main thing about drawing a bear is to bring out the ferocious nature of this dangerous animal. The polar bear, panda, black bear, and brown grizzly bear are very dangerous animals in the wild. Bears usually stand up on their hind legs before attacking. Only Panda Bear and teddy bear are not dangerous. If you draw a picture of a bear for kids, then the animal should only slightly resemble real brown bears and have a good-natured look. In order to draw a ferocious-looking bear, you must draw a long snout as well as big and powerful predatory claws on its legs. Draw step by step, carefully watching the proportions. Adding details gradually as you draw should give you best results. In this lesson you will learn how to draw a bear in #2 pencil.

Step 1

Drawing a Bear, step 1

Start by drawing a circle that represents a bear's head. This is an easy step. Next, draw the lines for the bear's torso. Then add the lines for the legs and move on to the next step.

Step 2

Drawing a Bear, step 2

Draw the head and shape of the bear's body, as shown in my figure here.

Step 3

Drawing a Bear, step 3

Now work on sketching the animal's head as well as front and hind legs in more detail. Draw the ears and add eyes and nose to the bear's snout. This is quite a difficult phase, and how you do here will impact the entire drawing of a bear. After finishing that, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 4

Drawing a Bear, step 4

At this step we will learn how to draw the snout of the bear. First try drawing it exactly as I suggest. Draw the eyes, mouth, and a small triangle for your bear's nose. At this step it is important to find their correct location.

Step 5

Drawing a Bear, step 5

Finish drawing the bear's snout. Shade in several places of the bear's snout. Then put the final touches on the bear's fur and add claws to its paws. Think about what else you might want to draw. Maybe you want to draw a little bear cub nearby.

Step 6

Drawing a Bear, step 6

Now the drawing of a bear is almost finished. The most difficult steps are done. Now work on shading in your bear's fur in various places. Then put the final touches on the face. Finally, erase the extra lines from the earlier stages of your drawing. Now you know how to draw a bear. You can add tints and shades to the bear's fur using # 2 pencil or colored pencils.

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