How to draw an army Tank

How to draw an army Tank, step by step

Here's another version of lesson "How to draw a military Tank". Old lesson too simple and is designed for young children. Try to draw an army tank in stages more realistically. It's not that difficult to draw this army tank, but it is important to draw initial sketches. The hardest parts of drawing any tank is drawing its hull and turret. Pay attention to the wheel of the tank. They must be identical and circular. Keep all this in mind as you draw any vehicle.

Step 1

How to draw an army Tank, step 1

First, draw a simple contour of the tank's hull.

Step 2

How to draw an army Tank, step 2

Then add a few lines to the bottom of the hull. Contour of the army tank's tower we will to draw in the next step.

Step 3

How to draw an army Tank, step 3

Draw the crawler tank rims. There are five wheels in my illustration, you can draw more. First draw a central wheel, position it on the middle line. Then add the other wheels to the central image. It is necessary to pay attention to every little detail when drawing a army tank.

Step 4

How to draw an army Tank, step 4

You shouldn't have difficulty drawing these parts of the lesson. Do not forget to raise the bottom line of the tracks.

Step 5

How to draw an army Tank, step 5

Draw the tank turret in detail and draw the tank's gun. Make the gun tank a little thinner and add several hoops to the top. Even add Luke at the upper front of the tower.

Step 6

How to draw an army Tank, step 6

Let's work on the tracks and other details of the army tank.

Step 7

How to draw an army Tank, step 7

At the final step of drawing a military tank we need add a drop shadow with pencil.

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