How to Draw an Apple

How to Draw an Apple, step by step

If you need to draw an apple, let us try to do that together step by step. We shall draw an apple in pencil first and at the final stage you can either paint the drawing with crayons. If you will draw some leaves and branch, then the drawing of an apple will look more realistic.

Step 1

How to Draw an Apple, step 1

Most apples have a simple design, but it is better to draw the major lines, that will serve as the basis for the round form of an apple.

Step 2

How to Draw an Apple, step 2

In nature the apples do not come in perfectly rounded forms. But if you want to draw a beautiful apple you need to draw a round shape.

Step 3

How to Draw an Apple, step 3

Now, when you have the guidelines, it's easy to draw full outline of the apple.

Step 4

How to Draw an Apple, step 4

Before you start drawing out the details of the apple, rub out the guidelines which you don't need anymore.

Step 5

How to Draw an Apple, step 5

Now you see how easy it is to draw an apple, if you draw it step by step. In just a few easy steps you are ready do final step of drawing your apple. You need only add two small leaves and follow to next step.

Step 6

How to Draw an Apple, step 6

Add shade in places of an apple not exposed to light.

Step 7

How to Draw an Apple, step 7

The drawing of the apples will look better when paint it with crayons.

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