How to Draw an Ant

How To Draw an Ant Step by Step

It is unbelievable but this insect is the most powerful being on the planet. Only an ant can carry 300 times its body weight on its back. An ant is a hardworking and a very industrious insect. A lesson on How to draw an ant is no different from other lessons on this site. We'll draw an ant's picture in phases, step-by-step. First draw a general outline, adding all the details afterwards. There are 6 steps that you will need to draw an ant. Follow these easy steps until you have a complete drawing of an ant.

Step 1

How to Draw an Ant, step 1

First step of the drawing. Draw an outline. First draw the oval initial shapes for the head and the body. Both parts of the ant's body are connected with the single line. Draw three little circles under this line. Next sketch rough lines for the legs.

Step 2

How to Draw an Ant, step 2

Add detail to the Ant's body. Ant's body is composed of several segments, so you need draw three ovals. Contrary to what you might think, the oval near the ant's head is the biggest. Once you have done this correctly, you can move to the next step of drawing.

Step 3

How to Draw an Ant, step 3

How to draw an Ant's legs. In this step you will give the insect's legs more definition. It's easy to draw a few straight lines for the legs. But in the beginning you need to finalize the placement of the feet, and then draw the legs. This will make the ant look more realistic.

Step 4

How to Draw an Ant, step 4

Giving definition to the Ant's legs. This step is a little more difficult. First you can start erasing all the extra lines that you drew in step one. Then you will define the shape of the feet as shown on my picture. Each leg has two segments. Upper part of every leg is thicker then lower part. Add another line along the existing one to convey thickness. All you have left to draw here are the eyes on the face. Double check all proportion of your drawing and if everything looks good move on the next step.

Step 5

How to Draw an Ant, step 5

Ant pinchers (mandibles). All you have to draw here are minor details of the head and and the ant pinchers. The eyes are big and convex. Ant pinchers are like the scissors. Ant's head has specific symmetrical pattern and two tendrils like antennas. You can just to draw two lines. Once you have finished drawing all details of the body and the ant's face, you can move on to the last step. Here you should shade in the surface of the ant's body.

Step 6

How to Draw an Ant, step 5

The final drawing. Shading the Ant's body. If you have followed the steps above, your ant should come out looking very realistic. You only need to add shadows to the drawing. You might ask how to add shadows to an ant's body. First you should identify the location of the light source. Areas unexposed to it will be darker and vice versa. This is a general rule for creating shadows on any drawing. When you paint your ant's eyes, leave a small area of the eye blank to create a glare. Ant will be looking directly at you. I hope the lesson on drawing an ant step by step helped you create a great ant drawing.

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