How to Draw an Ostrich

How to draw an Ostrich step by step

An ostrich is very unusual bird of the world. An ostrich is unusually high and fast bird. Its growth may be greater than 2 meters. Its weight is equal to the average weight of a person (60 kg). Running speed can be compared with the vehicle speeds. It can run up to 100 km per hour.

In this lesson, we will use the step-by-step method to draw an ostrich bird. This tutorial having 6 steps helps you draw a realistic-looking ostrich with ease and fast. At the last step you can draw an ostrich with colored pencils.

Step 1

How to draw an Ostrich, step 1

At the first step you need to draw this not complex shape having the form of nodule. This will be the basis of the body of an ostrich.

Step 2

How to draw an Ostrich, step 2

This step of ostrich drawing is very simple. You need add to drawing only four small circles.

Step 3

How to draw an Ostrich, step 3

Now is the time to draw the long neck and tall legs a bird.

Step 4

How to draw an Ostrich, step 4

If you were able draw correct proportions of neck and legs the further steps will be easy.
Sketch the main contour a bird with a pencil and go to the next step.

Step 5

How to draw an Ostrich, step 5

Remove excess lines from drawing an ostrich and complete the drawing of the feet.

Step 6

How to draw an Ostrich, step 6

Now your ostrich drawing is finished and it's time to sharpen the color pencils.

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